St.Mary’s English Medium School Kodancherry

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The school offers a range of supportive services and developmental programmes such as - counselling services, communication skill development, leadership development, presentation and group discussion skills, health and hygiene sensitivity programme, art of polite conversation and many more. It aims to enhance the school community interface to enable optimal learning and growth.


A. Carrier Guidence and Motivation Programme


B. Tours and Picnics
Guided tours and picnics have great educational and entertainment  value. Trips are arranged to various places of interest for students to be acquainted with the heritage of these places and to develop appreciation of their natural beauty. Also, the programme provides the foundation for character building and bonding among students.

C. Girl Protection and Support Programme
The school is conducting programmes to provide education for girls on physical or sexual abuse and to serve as a support system for children who face this kind of abuse. These programmes are in response to the growing need to raise awareness of child abuse in children, as well as in parents.