St.Mary’s English Medium School Kodancherry

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Montessori method of education is based on self -  directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.In montessori class rooms children make creative choices in their learning,while the class room and the well trained teachers offer age-appropriate activities to guide the process.Children work in group and individually to discover and explore the knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential.

                        Montessori class rooms are beautifully crafted environments designed to meet the needs of children in a specific age range. Dr. Maria Montessori discovered that experiential learning .In this type of class rooms led to a deeper understanding of Language,Mathematics,Science,Music,Social interactions and much more.Most Montessori class rooms are secular in nature,although the Montissori educational method can be integrated successfully into a faith based program. Every material in a montessori class room supports an aspect of child development,creating a  match between the child's natural interests and the available activities.

                        Montessori System stepped into St.Mary's English Medium School Kodanchery in 2017.It encompasses "Vertical"grouping system , that is the upper and lower level students learn through a cohesive mingling.Quite apart from the traditional way of teaching, the modus  operandi  (modern system) is paedo-Centre (Child centerd).Where the teacher is up generated to the role of a mentor and facilitator.

                         Students have been learning in 4 Montessori environments of our school.All the teachers who are Montessori trained and the three helpers make the Montessori team of the school.It is a sheer team work of curricular and co-curricular activities.All important days have been observed .Every year January 6th is celebrated as Montessory day in a grant way.All the creative attempts are displayed and encouraged more ever. Montessori system is one of the earliest ways to equip a child socially adaptable and intellectually upgraded.

                        Choosing a Montessori environment has many benefits.Known for individually paced learning and fostering independence.The Montessori method also encourages empathy a passion for social justice and a joy in life long learning.Montessori students become confident through freedom and enthusiastic learners.