St.Mary’s English Medium School Kodancherry

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Co-curricular activities constitute an important part of the educational orientation of our school. Moreover, they are crucial in terms of CBSE’s Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Programme. Therefore, all the students are expected to participate actively in any one CCA item.

The following are the activities the school offers:
A. Fine Arts

Students are given exposure to a series of fine arts activities which include the following:

Music – The core of our provision beyond the curriculum is a high quality coaching scheme for students who take private lessons with special tutors.

Dance – The course is unique and exciting. Students develop strength, flexibility, rhythm and coordination along with discipline, focus and drive. They have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. The students are trained by highly skilled dance teachers who work part-time as well as full-time. Classical dances for advanced students and foundation courses for beginners or for younger students are offered on a regular basis.

B. Physical Education
Activities included in the PE program at St.Marys''s English Medium School are designed to promote physical fitness and more importantly, to teach students adherence to the rules of sports. Students learn to excel both in individual performances as well as while working as a team. Coaching in games and athletic items such as football, basketball  by trained instructors. In the St.Marys''s English Medium School system, it is almost always mandatory that students study physical education as part of the

Martial Arts - Students have the opportunity to learn martial arts. It is not merely a play of attack and defence. It instills in one a sense of self control. The rigours of learning the various techniques of martial arts channelises one’s mental energy. One becomes very focused and disciplined and this, perhaps, is its greatest advantage. The martial arts group concentrates particularly on training students in the popular defence technique of Karate.

C. Chess
When it comes to mind games, chess undoubtedly tops the list. It is a mental training which enhances mathematical and scientific skills as well as problem-solving skills of students. It helps children to focus, to increase sharpness of the mind and to come up with strategic approaches to meet their objectives. It builds their self-confidence. It also teaches the value of hard work and commitment.

D. Clubs
In Our School a number of clubs to facilitate co-curricular activities of students.  These clubs have the diligence and functional competence of any other regular club. The following are the clubs: Academic (Science, Maths and Social Science,Echo Club), Rhetoric (English, Malayalam, Hindi) and others.