St.Mary’s English Medium School Kodancherry

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St.Mary’s English Medium School Kodancherryg

St.Mary’s English Medium School Kodancherryg

"There is nobility in compassion , a beauty in empathy,a grace in forgivenes"

The Nallapadam Club activities in St.Mary's English Medium School Kodanchery has been always been supported by the Agriculture department.Our attempt is to produce vegitables free of pesticides and insecticides.The Kodanchery agriculture office has rendered all its support in our endevour to help some of our oldage homes.

            On the very first day of Chingam (Farmer's Day) honourable Shabeer Ahammed Sir (Agriculture Office Kodanchery) visited our school and distributed vegitable seeds to our students.He gave a message to all the students about the need to grow vegetables in our surroundings. Nallapadam Co-Ordinatior Mr.Shijo John ,Sr.Jismi Kurian and School Leader Riyona Maria Jaison were present.



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